Contact Lens Solution

For contact wearers, one of the most purchased products annually is the cleaning solution that's needed to keep lenses in top condition. As a user of these small round discs, you’ll likely go through many bottles of cleaning and disinfecting liquid annually.

A specific cleaning aid must be used to rinse, store, and clean each lens. The choice of bottle you make has a significant effect on how clean, safe, protected, and comfortable your contact lenses are, so always purchase the best item possible.

While you may be tempted to save a little money here and there on your contact lens solutions by buying a cheaper, inferior product or by using something else altogether, you could not only damage your contacts but also your eyes if going down this path.

Lenses must be correctly maintained and stored to last well and not become unsafe with bacteria. Plus, cleaning solutions helps prevent contacts from getting too much build-up on them; build-up that's created from the proteins in your eyes.

This build-up is natural but if left unattended can lead to dry eyes, eye infections and inflammation, and a variety of other issues you really don’t want to have to contend with. As such, use proper disinfecting liquid for contacts and complete the correct contact lens care to keep your eyes looking and feeling great.

What is in contact lens solution?

The branded contact lenses solution you buy online or elsewhere is commercially manufactured for specific use with the little discs. The lens cleaner is right for contacts because it contains essential chemicals and preservatives that disinfects the contacts and safely removes protein build-up so you can see correctly and keep your eyes healthy.

Each brand and type of cleaning liquid has a different combination and line-up of ingredients in it. Generally, though, the products contains some kind of preservative, plus a binding agent, a buffer, and a wetting agent or surfactant. You’ll often see boric acid and detergents listed on the ingredients label of these eye care products. All of these items help to keep your contacts moisturised, clean, and comfortable to wear at any time of the day.

As you can imagine, other products just don't cut it when it comes to cleaning your lenses. If you run out of the product you typically use, go pick up some more ASAP. Some myths continue to float around that other liquids can be used as an alternative, but these are dangerous fallacies.

Ignore unsubstantiated information that says you can try things like putting contacts in your mouth to wet them, cleaning and storing them with water, or using general saline solution or eye drops. None of these products are actually designed for proper cleaning and storage purposes, so using them can put your eyes and vision in danger.

Many people incorrectly think saline solution is the same as the specific cleaning products made for lenses, but it isn't. Saline solution, which is made from pH-balanced saltwater, can clean your contacts before you wear them, and that's it. This product doesn't also properly disinfect the lens, remove proteins from it, or act as an adequate storage liquid.

Today, many people buy an all-in-one product that does every job necessary, deeming additional saline solution unnecessary. There are, though, some base-model cleaners that have to be supplemented with saline, so read the instructions to be sure what products do and don't offer.

To ensure you always have enough cleaner on hand for your contacts and don't start suffering from symptoms of dry eye or an eye infection, stock up on trusted products. Optometrists and specialist usually tell each customer to please keep travel-sized cleaning bottles on hand in the car, in a handbag or briefcase, in carry-on luggage, and at work for on-the-go times when it may be needed. This way, people never have to worry about finding themselves without a safe, adequate option nearby.

Also, if you end up in a position where you have to keep contacts in your eyes for longer than normal before you can clean them properly and store them safely, use fresh eye drops to keep them moisturised.

How do I choose the right contact solution for me?

Before you add solution for contacts to your online shopping cart or a basket elsewhere, be sure to follow a few key tips. For starters, always read the label of each product you're considering to see if it will do the exact job you need it to. As mentioned above, most people find it easier to buy an all-in-one cleaner rather than separate products but this is a matter of personal preference. Also, some practitioners may recommend particular products for certain types of lenses. Keep these directions in mind when you're shopping for cleaning liquid.

Note that there are different types of cleaners to choose from. For instance, there are cleaning, disinfecting liquids for sensitive eyes in particular, plus bottles stating that they're free from certain chemicals and/or preservatives (handy if you're allergic to something). Be careful to buy a product designed exactly for the type of contacts you wear, too, whether soft, rigid, or extended-wear, etc.

When it comes to a lens care system, there is no one brand or product that's perfect for every person. However, all the items we sell are deemed safe and effective, so look for the option that will work best for you and the lens type you wear.

When cleaning your discs, you need to follow the instructions listed on the product's label. Never keep solution after it is past its use-by date or if the bottle has been open for too long. It's also essential to wash your hands before handling your lenses so you don't transfer bacteria.

For more information about the lens care products available at Contact Connection, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. We can help you shop for the right new contact cleaner for you that will make wearing lenses a breeze. Contact Connections stocks a good range of cleaning products so you're sure to find something suitable for your needs at an affordable price today.